Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm baacck!

I'm surprised I still remember how to blog. I was out of town for the past 9 days, and it felt more like a month! My first 4.5 days were spent in the Big Apple.

I visited with fascinating alumni {because this was a work trip} and I was able to spend time with great friends.

It seems like all I did was eat and walk. There was no room for my big camera, so you'll have to make due with pictures from my phone. Some highlights included brunch at Hundred Acres

A vegan lunch at peacefood cafe where my friend and I spotted Matt Dillon at the register.

A delicious dinner at a rustic restaurant called Recipe. {I guess all good restaurants these days have one word} Love the little clothespin.

Drinks at the King Cole bar in St. Regis with a classmate since pre-K, hey Alexis!

Ate homemade pasta and drank wine at Bianca with some friends.

Attended a service as Redeemer Presbyterian.

Stopped by some flea markets, but decided everything I liked was furniture and it would be too intense to get home.

Dined at Gina La Fornarina...twice. I loved how they used brown paper bags to serve us ciabatta bread. I will implement this at home.

Ran around the park with Ange and Emily- it was a run for me and a sloowwww jog for them, but I made it.

The park was in it's full glory. The colors were so vibrant that all I wanted to do was photograph it and have Tony and Buster by my side.

Browsed through the New Ralph Lauren Women's & Home store, and dreamed of how I could make my home mimic a Ralph store.

I'll be back to blog about Washington D.C.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, shared with your loved ones.

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