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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unfinished Upholstery.

I had, what felt like a moment of brilliance last night, but I want some feedback.

I bought these two chairs for my Smitten Sale. (They are still for sale if anyone is curious). I do not want to invest money to re-upholster them because 1.) I do not want to put more money into them. 2.) Someone else can pick out fabric that works with their home.
 I started thinking, what can I do, that is inexpensive, to update their look? Then I remembered seeing a slipcover that I think would work with drop cloth fabric. I like the tie attachment and the ruffle.

I love the unfinished nature of the chairs below. Do you like the irregularity of the nailheads and the incomplete look of these chairs? I think it might drive some people crazy and others might adore it. What do you think?