Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a comfortable mix-up

It seems like each morning brings news that another company is folding. First, Cottage Living, the next slap in the face, Domino. (sigh)
A couple months ago my mom called and asked "Sweetie, is there anything you need from Linen's and Things? I've had a gift card to that store forever and they are going out of business. I like Bed Bath & Beyond more anyways"
"Well mom, I can't think of anything we need, but I guess we could use some saTEEN sheets in a queen. Something neutral but only if you cannot find anything for yourself." (mom is always thinking of us before herself. i love your giving heart)

So let's backtrack, on Christmas day we are opening our gifts and I unwrap a beautiful ivory set of saTIN sheets. Oh my aunt, uncle, grandma, dad and mom all oohed and awwed as I opened that gift. They said "Oh Ashley, we just had to have saTIN sheets when we were married also!" I did not have the heart to correct my mom with saTEEN v.saTIN. Satin just seemed so Miami vice meets a little hookerish...

Since Linens and Things are closing, they are not accepting returns or exchanges, so yesterday I changed our bed and guess what? They are quite comfortable. As slippery as one would expect, but nice and airy to sleep on. Thanks for the gift.

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Teri Andrea said...

i'm so proud of your updating this week! :)