Monday, February 2, 2009

Ski Trip

So. I am doing a terrible at keeping up with this blog, or at least trying to make it design related/inspired. Maybe I should change it to my travel blog...
Here are just a few camera phone pics from our family ski trip to Frisco, Colorado last week.

We skied 3 days. 2 at Copper and 1 at Breckenridge. If you are planning on going out west to ski and want an easy mountain, go to Breckenridge. If you want to feel like a local and give your legs a better workout, go to Copper.

Look to the right - it's me.
and here's another one of me waiting to start the snow mobile ride. You need to dress like that when the weather is in the single digits.
Now, this trip would not be complete if I did not find a local thrift store, luckily I did in downtown Breckenridge and luckily the proceeds benefit the local pet shelter.

i found this cute dog bowl for 2 bucks, but i'll probably use it to serve my guests tasty treats.
and here's our cutie, Buster,who is the reason i love rescue dogs.

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Amber said...

I love your blog. And I love the ski trip pictures. Can't wait to hear the stories.