Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Fun

Here is a little weekend recap: Tony and I enjoyed a relaxing weekend in sunny West Palm Beach filled with tons of family time and we were able to see quite a few friends as well. Our trip was planned around the family photo shoot with the oh-so-talented, Rebekah Hood of Kallima Photography.
*Tangent: If you are getting married, engaged, having a baby or just want an excuse to have some photojournalism in your life- I recommend Rebekah. She makes the photo shoot very comfortable, has a great eye for the perfect background and climbs all over the place to get just the right angle-even when she's 7 months pregnant*
The kids (my brother Dale, his wife Bridget, Tony and I) decided to treat my mom and Nanu with a family shoot as a Mother's Day present. The most recent family pictures date back from Olan Mills, so you can imagine the necessity to update.
These are just a tease (more for me than anyone else) but I just received an update and wanted to post them. Now, back to the work week.

Rebekah- cheers to you. If I was in West Palm I'd make sure you had one of these in the delivery room.


rebekah said...

you are simply the best. love it! thanks darling for letting me invade your family weekend!

Whimsy World said...

Love your family pics. Good choice with the cobalt blue! Love the color these days.