Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have a dilemma. I am looking for 2 bar stools for my kitchen hop-up. I really am drawn to these wire basket chairs, which is quite surprising for me because I am typically anti-modern. When I saw these a couple of months ago I fell in love - because it was my first time seeing them, now I am noticing more and more of them on the covers of magazines (Coastal Living May 2009) and scattered throughout homes.

I like how light they are and I think the chrome finish would look awesome with the kitchen. (This would have a white cushion instead of the black)

Now, did you see Erika's post from Henredon? I'll take 2 of those please.
It makes this stool seems entirely lacking next to it, but you can customize and get somewhat of a similar look for less. (You know how it goes: if all price tags were covered up on any given item you would pick the most expensive every time?!?! So annoying right? I digress...)
And then you have this scuffed up, lodge-y looking bar stool which is always an appealing look to me.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Jovanna said...

I think the wire ones would look super. I feel like your new kitchen is going to have a very light and airy feel to it. One that makes you happy to wake up and walk into. The wire stool with the white cushion would add to that! I like the scuffed up one as well. I just didn't like the second to last one. At all!

Jovanna said...

Ok- i just saw the price of the scuffed up one $250, really? I feel like you and I can get together for a DIY with something found on craigs and make a similar, possibly better looking stool!

smitten design said...

Jovi- i don't like that second to the last's just nailheads always make me look at the item for a second longer. And, the last item is something I want to stumble upon on the side of the road or in goodwill.
You're helping me firm up my instinct.