Monday, July 13, 2009

Chicago Round 2

I know, I know. Chicago overkill. I just loved that city and want to share a little bit more. There was one particular activity that Tony and I stumbled upon as we were exploring the downtown parks: business men and women drinking a glass of wine or beer while playing miniature golf amidst the urban jungle. Okay city planners, jot down The Green at Grant Park as an idea to emulate in your own hometown. I know putt-putt places exist but this one was different, it was classy. I fully intend on contacting someone in Tallahassee to include this in the master plan for Cascades Park.

It helps that the backdrop for this picture happens to be gorgeous buildings, but the striped awning and little cafe certainly added to the ambiance.

Another feature that stuck out to me was how manicured the sidewalks and parks are.
Take a looksie.

The bean

One more suggestion- walk through the Ralph Lauren store on Michigan Avenue. Trust me, you'll be impressed.

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