Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Team Talitha.

I'm entering a new stage in life where baby showers are becoming the new bachelorette parties.

Team Talitha hosted a shower at mi casa for the lovely Lindsay and soon to arrive Talitha. I'll throw in a quick tissue paper pom-pom tutorial for easy, cheap party decor.

Fold 8 tissue papers {standard packet of tissue paper} into an accordion, attach with a ribbon or fishing wire.

cut edges to your liking

than pull the layers of tissue apart and hang

Here's what we enjoyed: passing around Carter Brooks

sipping pink lime lemonade, watermelon basil tea and peach mint tea

lots of cupcakes

and jokes that did not make much sense

Oh, I love Lindsay. She's so sassy. She will kick you if you give her baby pastels.


Teri Andrea said...

I'm going to need the recipes for those drinks, stat. They look so delicious. And where did you get the pitchers? So cute!

paula said...

your friend could possibly be the cutest pregnant lady ever! The party looks amazing. I especially love the snippets of your home, gorgeous!

Whimsy World said...

sorry last comment I had a spelling issue and caught it too late. Great job in hosting! Your great at what you do!!!

Anonymous said...

ashy baby.

i adore your creativity.
both inside your home and...

...well just everywhere your pretty-ness shares it.

this is the best baby shower i've ever seen.

well done.

mary caroline said...

looks like a fabulous party!!