Monday, August 3, 2009

What do you expect, I'm an event planner.

I have been craving C-R-A-V-I-N-G a trip to Atlanta. I love that city. The houses, the parks, the restaurants, the shopping {Sigh}.

Enough wishing, I'm planning a trip. I need to have something to look forward to.

Usually I would beg Tony to come but I have some objectives here and I don't want to drag him to stores like Bungalow, Sephora and the outlets, {primarily Restoration Hardware & Pottery Barn}

So Jovi is coming with me. We just checked our calendars- it's set and it's 18 days away.

I have another great friend whom I adore. Beth {whenever you start a blog I will link you here}. Oh Beth- she's gracious enough to house us and show us her favorite things in the city. She emailed right back when I asked her if she'd be in town:

ON MY CALENDAR! That means no backing out.
Seriously. Come. That weekend not only sounds like the best get-a-way for you two, but sounds perfect in every way for myself as well. I could use some outlet shopping and quality catch up girl time.

She's kinda a socialite so I'm pretty excited to see where she'll take us. {No pressure Beth, I just know you know alot of great places}

Because I love food so much I have two places we must hit up. Houston's for the Thai Steak and Noodle salad { there are no words for the greatness and complexity of this salad} and Taqueria del Sol which comes highly recommended by Jen. {and I quote "if this was my last meal it would be queso, guac, shrimp corn chowder, fish tacos and a margartia from taqueria del sol}

If anyone has Atlanta recommendations I'd love to hear them.

Jo- I'm so pumped I'm inspired to make a "Road Trip Mix" which I haven't done in about 5's going to be a blast.


Jovanna said...

oh sister, I can't wait! Beth- can't wait to meet you. Thanks in advance!

Beth said...

If I would have known this was my debut into the blog world, I would have written a more thought out e-mail. :) Get ready to take part in everything lovely in this wonderful city called Atlanta. I've already started my list of places to enjoy! Can't wait for your visit - and looking forward to meeting you Jovanna!

Whimsy World said...

Haha I love your roadtrip mixes :) Poor soul who was stuck with the I-10 drive depended on those tunes!!!

angela francine bullock said...

it's official, then.

i'm imposing.

pick me up at the airport?

smitten design said...

Ang- don't tease us here- you know we'd love to have you. I'm picking Jo up at the airport on Friday- ya know, just in case you're serious about this.

paula said...

so fun, I just love Atlanta. Haven't been in awhile but its only a couple of hours away.

MaryMartha said...

hey. I'm a lurker on your site via bibb, he's my cousin! I had to comment on my fav ATL places to eat.
In the same little shopping center as Taqueria del sol is a great place called JCT Kitchen. We had a great lunch there! My fav is 2 Urban Licks. Wine on draft, super good food and very cool atmosphere! I have more..but those are my top 2 picks for ya'll :)

Britt said...

I'm in the Atlanta area, too. Please post and let us know what all you did - I feel like I haven't seen any of things people come to Atlanta to see even though I live here! Maybe you'll inspire me to get out and check the city out.

Teri Andrea said...

Ang - I was thinking the same thing! :)

smitten design said...

I love the comments and the suggestions. I'll be sure to have a follow up post!


Two girls should let Jeffrey show you lovely ladies a night on the town....2nd, me and Doggy will keep tony very busy/entertained, he's in good hands...Stetsons?!? the possibilities are endless

The Gunters said...

Adam and I are going to ATL next weekend! My BFF (also a Beth) lives there and I've been emailing her for restaurant ideas.
Her faves were:
Tin Lizzy's (mexican)
Fox Brother's BBQ
Six Feet Under

We're going to hit up Ikea too...I've never been so I'm excited!

smitten design said...

This is the perfect example of why I love Atlanta- there's never enough time to get it all in. { in this case there's not enough room in my stomach to eat at all the recommendations}. I can't wait to hear about your trip.

Christy said...

As an Atlantan, I highly recommend a trip to Flip Burger Boutique, an adorably modern burger joint started by a Top Chef contestant. You have to try the Nutella Milkshake!!