Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hollywood Regency.

I dare you to type Hollywood Regency into ebay and not bid on an item! I'm working with a client who wants to redecorate her master bedroom into a chic, feminine & glamorous space. I typed in Hollywood Regency and here are some of my favorite items that appeared.

This decorative screen would make a nice addition,

This screen can be backed with fabric or mirrors and comes in 7 different colors- it can give your home that great "pop" of color.

A pair of vintage X benches {reupholstered please and place them at the end of your bed}

French Hollywood Regency armchair
How about a pair of teal wrought iron tole sconces. They would look great behind a pair of nightstands, thus creating unique bedside sconces.
Full metal headboard which you can glam up by re-shining or repainting
Set of 4 Hollywood regency dining side chairs by Henredon

Now these sassy red lamps that have their image protected and I cannot show you the full picture, but click here to view them in their glory. They are so unique and gorgeous and the shades are stunning. We are going to add a touch here and there of Hollywood glitz but I already feel more glamorous from looking at this era.


paula said...

that first screen and the x benches, oh my.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

What great finds. That turquois screen is really fun. I will have to go to ebay a lot more. thanks

Whimsy World said...

Love the dining chairs and armchair! So Great.

Little Household said...

I am officially inspired...girls room?

Smitten Design said...

Little Household- I hope a little girls room is on the way soon!

Vesta Monroe said...

Ah, this is exactly what I'm looking for! I didn't know it had a name, Hollywood Regency is my new favourite period in design!

Vesta Monroe
Domestic Goddess Guide