Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lonny & AFB.

Today is a very exciting day. A new online design magazine has been launched. Lonny. Lonny is a new alternative method of publication that was created by Michelle Adams {former Domino employee} and Patrick Cline {photographer extraordinaire}.

If you want my opinion it's genius for several reasons:

First, there has been a void in design magazines since Domino folded. From the looks of their debut issue, this void will be filled.

Second, since it is only available online the editors can include as many pages on a story as they like. In this issue they use 35 pages to cover one story!

Third, the resources/vendors that are used on each page have a link embedded - just click and it will take you to the website of each vendor.
Fourth, in this economic climate this magazine is a breath of fresh air. Michelle and Patrick {and the entire staff} are continuing to live out a dream right now. They are not waiting for money to be available at a future date. They are being resourceful with available talent and they are executing a wonderful product.

Also- all friends of AFB, did you know she was modeling? Probably not because she does not go around calling attention to herself, but since I'm her friend I am happy to and I'm not asking her for permission to do so {Love You Ange}
Don't miss page 32- 38. She's on every page and she looks gorgeous. A younger Diane Keaton if I do say so. {ok Ange, don't get a big head about it}

*Update. Ange did a little behind the scenes post. Read it here***

Do yourself a favor and check it out. It's awesome and I have to resist the urge to print the entire 195 pages of their magazine.


Anonymous said...

Fifth that Caitlin McGauley is really cute

the NEO-traditionalist said...

I just loved Lonny as well! So many glorious pages. Love your header by the way...too cute.
XX Kate

paula said...

love this mag and your friend is quite a looker:) How exciting!

paula said...

congratulations lady. not sure if you saw it yet or not.

Eclectic said...

Lonny Mag has filled the hole in my heart that Domino made! Love, love, love.

I just came across your fun!

Annie@A View On Design said...

yes I heard about this on another blog! I think more mags should offer online product - they still make money from selling their ads, reduced overheads too - I wish!!! Love your blog too!!!

Blueprint Bliss said...

Love the new magazine... And I too have had to resist printing out all 195 pages!

Holly said...

I am so excited to check Lonny out. I was devastated when Domino folded...sob! Thanks for the post.
Holly @ 504 Main