Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't forget the Pets.

I wouldn't be surprised if we spoiled Buster (even more) and bought him a new collar. That little rascal has been chewing on his because he is conniving and wants his independence. Although he wreaks havoc on my home, he continues to entertain me with new forms of deviousness.

Anyways, etsy has some options that look sturdy and masculine.

My 1st pick would be this Ralph Lauren-Esq collar:

This next collar would make a cute picture & I like the uniqueness but I don't really see my 80 lb dog sporting it.

poochy couture

This might be the winner. I wanted to name Buster, Roscoe, but Tony would not succumb. (because I was naming him after my favorite Miami Hurricane player, Roscoe Parrish. Tony is a die hard Seminole... you get the point) And this is a great price.

Dog Gone Nice

Also Nina Ottosson's Interactive Dog toys look like Buster would enjoy them:

Would you not have a hard time spoiling this guy?

What will your pets receive for Christmas?


Lizzie said...

Love that 2nd and 3rd collar. Cute! My dog would love those! :)

Volunteer opportunities said...

My dog loves the last item. He thinks it’s best to buy him that.

Sydney jobs said...

Lovely dog tags, I want to get one for my pet.

Marie på Minana Design said...

I have a dog too. one bichon havanais, so this was really nice.!!

Amy said...

You are killing me...You are quite the spoiler!!