Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Anthro.

Anthropologie never seems to be at a loss for creating inspiration. Another great window display...marshmallows

While we're talking about Anthropologie I am smitten with this sweater .


Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

you could say my feelings toward anthropologie are borderline obsessive. mainly for reasons similar to that window display.

: )


Donna said...

Love their stuff!!!!

Chicago City Girl said...

yes, anthropologie is onto something big with their design, inspiration, and decor: brilliance

*happy holidays*
cara @ City Girl Chicago

kcamp said...

of course, i personally love this post : ) thanks so much for your sweet comment last week! i sure hope you and your man had a great christmas. i'll be in tallahassee this weekend, so i'll have to put a little bug in jamey's ear that i want to meet y'all! i've bookmarked your blog and visit regularly...your taste is precious, dear one. i hope to meet you very sooooon! p.s. this darling sweater is on sale now...just sayin : )