Monday, January 4, 2010

I could be a professional vacation-er.

Have you ever walked into a store, or someone's home or flipped through a magazine to find yourself saying: That's it! This is me? I am ready to move in. Or this is exactly how {I would like to think} I would have designed this space. I had this moment in Beaufort, South Carolina at a restaurant called Wren. (no website yet)
This space was industrial with exposed brick, textured with throw pillows made from coffee bean bags, natural with sisal rugs used as curtains (at least that was my guess), it was neutral with a dark gray palette, they used oversized Adirondack end chairs, had their wren logo stenciled on an enormous chalkboard on one wall, the entire ambiance was fabulous. The menu offered great fusion-style entrees but they could have served me grilled cheese and I would have been equally pleased. They served us artisan bread in a tin coffee can and I appreciated how the ambiance was infused into the food.
More details from our trip: Tony and I went on an overnight date to this quaint city and stayed at the City Loft Hotel- which was a conversion from a motel into a chic, boutique hotel. I think these motel renovations will be an upcoming trend. The bathroom was the most innovative part with a rain head shower and a five foot soaking tub.

Tony's grandparents, Meems and Peeps (pictured below), took us out for cocktails before our dinner at Breakwater, which was another trendy restaurant across the street from Wren.

If you live in the South I'd recommend taking a trip to Beaufort. It was quite charming and a wonderful Christmas present. (Thanks Tony, I'll vacation with you anytime.)


Jessica said...

my aunt and her husband lived in beaufort for awhile and we visited once. it's a cute little town! very quaint! glad you had a fun vacay!

Chicago City Girl said...

This looks and sounds so divine ~ I love how you really noted the details that made you like Wren so much ~

paula said...

I am thinking hubby and I need a romantic getaway.

Pink Wallpaper said...

i am so bummed i was out of town when you were here...isn't wren great??! did you go into M? that is the design firm that designed it. they have great style!

mary caroline said...

I was so excited to see this post! I absolutely adore Beaufort :) Next time I'm there I'm definitely going to Wren.