Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just like a circus.

I am helping to plan an upcoming Health Fair day at the FSU Foundation. We bring in health practitioners, alternative health care providers and insurance agents to educate our employees on services offered around town.

To build off the fair idea we are going with a circus decor. Instead of a candy bar we are going to display apples, oranges, bananas, power bars, hand sanitizers and any other chotchkies that insurance companies have to offer in pretty glass jars and baskets.

I am very excited to spend my "office hours" painting a back drop for this fair and making paper rosettes. { Can't you tell I'm trying my hardest to get away from typical corporate events.}

I also want to thank Alaina from Live Creating Yourself for awarding me the Beautiful blog award. I have really enjoyed getting to know this creative talent, Alaina, in the blog-o-sphere. She's a kindred spirit and I look forward to her updated posts.
I am supposed to list 7 random facts about myself so here it goes:

1. I listen to the Jim Rome radio show almost every afternoon. It's a sports talk show and while I care little about sports, I think Jim Rome is hysterical because he covers celebrity/sports drama. I am what you call a "lady clone" and here is a snippet of his show.

2. I sit on a heating pad all day because our office is so cold and if too many people run space heaters the circuits will blow and shut down all power.

3. Once I find a type of food I like, I tend to eat it over and over again until I get so sick of it I can hardly look at it. For example, I cannot stand oatmeal because I had it every day for 2 years- warm or cold weather, gross.

4. I still record Friends episodes and watch them almost everyday- when I'm cooking or cleaning and checking my mail. I still laugh even though I can recite them.

5. I love 30 Rock (specifically Alec Baldwin). Giuliana & Bill, The Soup, The Bachelor and Glee.

6. I think if Ralph Lauren ever met my dog, Buster, he would want an oil portrait made of him.

7. I love walking district cities.

Now I pass this on the 3 bloggers:

1. Little household.
2. Jovanna
3. Livi & B


My Vintage Modern Farmhouse said...

I love Guiliana and Bill too. They crack me up. I also have one of those that watch "The Bachelor". I always say I'm not going to watch it anymore and then I do.


Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Love what you're planning for the event! How fun!

We all know I'm obsessed with Glee, and I'm about to admit for the first time in a public setting - The Bachelor. I just started watching it this season and boy is it entertaining!! Have all the seasons been this dramatic? Girl gets kicked off... girl is asked to leave... girls are sabotaging another girl's chance at looove. Haha.


Donna said...

Love finding out random facts!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me!!!

skatieperdue said...

i love "friends" too. i can recite them all as well but they are definitely great as a background show when you're doing random things!