Friday, February 26, 2010

Burn Baby.

I'll admit it, I have been nothing but a blog-slacker this week; I'll be better next week.
If I wasn't convinced that we only have to endure this winter weather for a few more weeks I would order a case of these dynamite fire starters for us. Then I wouldn't have to pester Tony to build a fire every time it drops below 40 degrees. I know I am a wimp and that is why I live in Florida. Hope you all have a great, restful weekend!


City Girl Chicago said...

I'm moving and am going to have my first fireplace ever~ and in Chicago, I don't know why it is not a prerequisite for every home~

I'll have to add these fire starters to my list :)

Have a great weekend!

Kirsten Sue said...

Oh I really wish I had a fireplace. I could use a nice warm fire right now.

Party Box Design said...

fireplaces make winter ok! def gets you through those cold winter nights!

all you need now is a bottle of wine!