Thursday, April 29, 2010

9 by Design.

I am addicted to 9 by Design. Are you watching this show? Here's the basic story line: 2 parents with 7 children {2 sets of twins} live in Manhattan. They develop and design unique properties. They claim "we don't flip houses, we sell lifestyles".
Most of all, I love to recap episodes with one of my girl friends each Wednesday morning:
HDH: 9 by design is my new favorite show- i just love that family and all their homes! You need to tune in, Bravo Monday nights @ 10!
Me: i am obsessed as well. it's my new life dream to do what they do.
HDH: I feel like if that is our goal in life we need to marry each other.I love the mom, and the little girl, Bellamy i want to steal her- I want to have cool kid names too! And im obsessed with all their art-, the Queen/rhinestone piece- LOOOOVE
Me: That desk is super weird- how do you feel about it? I am in love with the dining room table. Do you think we'd have to live in NY to be able to sell that lifestyle? Let's brainstorm.
HDH: Im obsessed with their cute names. I dont like the desk, i mean its more like a room divider- just weird. IN LOVE with dining table and chairs- that fourhands website i sent you has those chairs but they are white and linen or all black.....simply fabulous!I think people need to get rich again to sell that lifestyle!!

Last episode.

HDH: hi lady, I loved every minute of 9 by design last night.... I want to be them!
Me: 9 by design was amazing. i loved that wallpaper. I wouldn't christen my son in a dress though
HDH: No christening in dresses,,,, I seriously thought to myself what do you christen a boy in? white suit? ;) haha.... I knew you would love that wallpaper.... I loved the huge word on the wall- I need to find a fabulous junk shop with big letters! I loved the garland, and most of all I loved the godfather.

You get the point. It's a love fest.
I have no idea where this image below is from but I've had it saved for quite some time and I was looking to see if this was Tallulah and Bellamy {the daughters}, but I don't think it is. It is something the Novogratzs could incorporate in one of their funky spaces. Swings in the living room! That would be the best house to grow up in.

Are you watching? What are your thoughts?


emily said...

LOVE it too! I haven't watched this week's yet {it's one of the only shows my husband and I watch together so we'll have a little date night one of these nights in front of the tv}. Bellamy is the cutest little thing, but I sort of feel bad for Tallulah {she is such a smart, quiet little thing who gets stomped all over by her sister & brother!}. I think the lifestyle is great and definitely a dream of ours to turn a warehouse into a home. Someday ...

ELSA said...

Hi, I looooove the show, specially their design ideas (mixing old and new). I read you saw the dining chairs on a web site ? PLEASE, pease share... Thanks

Smitten Design said...

ELSA- the chairs are on They are so fabulous!