Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A New Fascination.

I am adding The Home within Us by legendary architect and designer Bobby McApline to my wish list.

I discovered Bobby McApline about a year ago and spent 5 hours looking through his published work. I found each home to be so intriguing because of his use of unexpected elements.

Did you know McApline Tankersley Architecture has an online journal entitled Communique? You should sign up for it. Let me highlight a few of my favorite quotes from their past issue:

Bobby says: "I hardly ever think about but one thing: the creation of houses, rooms and places. So all I gather, I store and process in accordance to the client who stands before me. With these riches, I listen, I diagnose and prescribe an original DNA to all my projects." If you have looked through his work you will certainly see original DNA in each home. I admire newness from designers.

The photographer of the book, Mick Hales, says "I am drawn to use my eye as an expression of God's creation in many different areas; whether in architecture, gardens, landscapes or people. The more I see how beautiful God's creative nature is the more I want to capture it and show it to others." I like that mission statement for a job!

If you're looking for a good read, click here.

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Rachel said...

I've heard the name and seen some of his work before, but I will definitely have to check this out!
Thanks for sharing - you're right, great mission statements.