Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We all scream for ice cream.

Here's my new favorite: skinny cow chocolate truffle bars. There are only 100 calories per bar and it is quite satisfying. I've tried their ice cream sandwiches and they stick to your hands and teeth, so I would recommend sticking to the bar. Any good treats you want to share? Leave a comment!


Kelle Dame said...

Delicious! Gonna try those this week! I always love Edy's yogurt blend icecream. Low fat and super creamy!

Jovi said...

i usually opt for wine. unless creme brulee is an option. gotta have priorities ash.

this free bird said...

i haven't tried these before, but now it might be a must have.

my faves are the nestle strawberry shortcake bars that are now blacklisted due to gluten (*j&^^^%$#)

oh, and how about old fashioned ice cream sandwiches?? wah

drumsticks, anyone?


clearly i've got issues (and am starving for a treat)

Miss K said...

I love skinny cows! so delicious!

Amber said...

Publix Brand Key Lime Pie Frozen Yogurt. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!