Thursday, August 19, 2010

New project on the horizon.

I recently bought a black console for a great price. I have every intention of turning it gray/white washed, even though I have not done this pickled technique before. TGFB, I'm going to coin that: Thank God for Blogs. Apparently, there is a product, liming wax, that achieves the exact look I'm striving for.

Sherry from Design Indulgence turned an average mirror into a beautiful gray washed mirror.

Another blogger shared her sister's experience with liming. Carolyn from Life in Graz posted the trials of her sister's attempt to turn her desk from blah to beautiful. You can read about Erin's adventure and decide if it's a project worth undertaking. The end result tells me it was worth it.

Voila. Does anyone else have tips for liming/waxing furniture? I'll have before and after pics of my piece in two weeks.


Jo said...

Can this be done on wicker/rattan? I'd love to do something to my bedroom furniture to spruce it up!

Rachel said...

Oh, you're so right!!! TGFB!!

Okay, so now that I know how I'm going to refinish a chair I have, I'm wondering if it would work on veneer? Like cheap veneer?? I'm guessing not, unfortunately - but I have a bookcase I'd love to use it on if it did.

sarah, flourish design + style said...

oh my gosh, you can get that in a can.. tgfb :) xx

Meredith said...

just a tip - usually lime wax works best on open grain wood (like oak and ash). If you have something cheaper or less open grain, you might want to consider using a watered down white paint or a white stain. minwax makes one. anyhow, just in case that helps...and i like your TGFB:)

Carolyn said...

I just saw this... Can't wait to see the finished product!