Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Let's look at the trim around those windows. Marble? Love it.

Opening a barn for events is on my dream list.

This is my kind of picnic.

See, barns are for lovers.

Great faucet and tub, I want to jump in. I also want to touch up the paint on the back wall. Someone else might find that charming...

Adorable. I am anti-dog-in-your-purse, but I'd want to take him with me too.
All images above from bippity boppity boo. I got lost her in her tumblr last night.


erika said...

love each and every one of these pictures... great round up!!!!

Donna said...

Love that pic of the flowers...reminds me of the one I gave my florist prepping for my wedding almost 14years ago...beautiful!!!

tammy said...

so happy to find your blog via paula's at two ellie.

those peonies are so pretty. and you're definitely on to something with the barn. i attended a wedding at one this summer and it was quite lovely.