Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Help Wanted.

I want to replace our coffee table. I want the new one to encompass elements of each table below, but I do not see one table that has it all.

#1 I love the drawers. Very important to hide remotes.

#2 I love the inlay design of the wood. The dimensions of this is too large for our space.

#3 I like the casters but it seems too industrial. I bet I would tire of this look pretty quickly.

#4 It needs a drawer below.

#5 I would go crazy trying to get dust/crumbs out of those cracks.

Brother in law, Bibb, says he's going to build me one for Christmas and this is the "inspiration list" I'm giving him. Anyone know of great salvage wood places around Tallahassee?

1 - Southern Living from my phone, 2 Layla Grace, 3 Bungalow Classic 4 Ballard Design 5 Wisteria


Donna said...

Love these inspiration photos, can't wait to see the finished product!

annie said...

Love #5...sort of industrial feel. I agree with the need for a drawer for the remotes. i do not have one and it really bugs of the family too since I am always hiding them.