Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Halls are Decked.

Christmas is going to be here in 19 days.

I decorated. I've been shopping. I have a great Christmas mix I've been enjoying. Here are some photos of my Christmas decorations:

I made this little reindeer when I was six!

Does anyone else feel like this Christmas snuck up on them?

I also plan on trying to make my mom's cinnamon pecans for my coworkers. Are any of you giving gifts to people in your office?


Studio 13 said...

Oh, it DEFINITELY has snuck up on me! So much to do, so little time :) {your xmas decorations look great!}

Rebecca said...

welll the shopping is what has definitely snuck up on me! I've never waited this long to get stated! Love your decorations...that deer is so fun...pretty cool that you still have him!

Whimsy World said...

Can I be a co-worker, I want her cinnamon pecans! I haven't had those since my wedding!!!

paula said...

so pretty! love the reindeer.

Joelle said...

Beautiful! I absolutely love that berry wreathe! Where did you get it?

And I think I'm just going to make cookies for my office...not individual gifts. I think that's okay, right?

Thanks for sharing!

Fancy Pants said...

I love the wreath! Yes, it has snuck up and coming way too fast! My favorite part of the holidays is the build up!

Beth said...

Love your decor! It's beautiful Ash. A great reflection of your class and elegance, too.

I'm honestly thinking about making vanilla infused vodka. :) Or maybe I'll settle for sparkling sugar twists. Your pecans sound delicious though!