Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Power House.

Here's a little D.C. recap.

This city has such a buzz.

Everything is massive, detailed and there is such a presence here.

I felt very patriotic and wanted to crack open history books to learn more.

Tony joined me for a few days and we took walking tours to the big Memorials. I loved learning how intentional the design was for every monument.

The Jefferson was a favorite of mine and I felt the photos needed the drama of black and white.

I wanted to chip off a slab of marble and take it home. I kept thinking countertop suppliers are liars for saying countertops can only be 2" thick.

We visited the Capitol.

I was told Mrs. Jackie Kennedy tried to remove this chandelier and put it in the White House. She was unsuccessful and it remains hanging here.

My neck was getting sore from looking up the whole time but there was a lot to take in.

Do you see that speckled line above Reagan's name? Those were pieces from the Berlin Wall. Endless details I tell you!

This Senate committee room makes me think other offices should step-it-up in their decor.

We went to Arlington National Cemetery & Robert E. Lee's former home.

We noticed a lot of tourist taking pictures like they were holding the monuments in their fingers or over their heads. Tony struck this pose when he saw I was taking pictures of him. you see what I mean?

A couple of places we enjoyed eating included: Founding Farmers, Old Ebbitt Grill and the Round Robin & Scotch Bar.

If you have not visited since a school field trip, I highly recommend taking a trip to this city.


Sarah said...

I love DC. My sister has the pleasure of living there - so jealous. Heading over there tomorrow night from Toronto - spending the weekend being tourists and shopping for wedding dresses.

Tabitha said...

I was in DC last year just after Christmas. It really is a great place to visit as an adult. I appreciated it way more than when we were there on our 6th grade trip-HA! All your photos are great but I especially love the second one!

paula said...

looks like so much and brings back so many memories for me. It's been 6 years since I have been there. I am thinking a trip is in order.