Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ikat Pillows.

I received a sewing machine for Christmas. After making curtains, I wanted to learn how to sew pillows.
For the rookies out there, here's a simple tutorial.
1. Iron your fabric
2. Measure and cut your fabric (*factor in a little wiggle room, I left .75" on all sides. **If using a print, line up your fabric so the center of your fabric will be centered on your pillow)

Flip fabric wrong side up and pin around 3 sides. Sew as straight as you can. (I originally wanted to add piping, but I became frustrated and kept it simple.)
In the last step, you would add your zipper, but my dog Buster has a personal vendetta against zippers and has managed to eat every zippered item in our house. See below:
So no zippers in our home. Back to the pillow case.
3. Stuff your pillow in.
4. Pin your fabric in and run through your machine.
Wah-lah. Let there be Ikat.

If I can do it, you can too. Next project; slipcover for a round ottoman.


paula said...

looks beautiful! I have so many sewing projects that need to get done. I have been wanting to try piping too, but it scares me.

Michelle said...

Great job! I recently sewed my first pillow and need to get back on the saddle again!

And I can't believe your dog has a thing for zippers! that is just wild...

Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} said...

Great job! I've always wanted to learn how to sew...must get on that!

NewMom said...

I want to share my first pillow too, I actually made it a few days ago :)
Was delaying as long as I could, still scared a bit of not sewing straight, but... i am pretty happy the way it turned out, (even put it up for sale) Here is picture on my blog if you like to see it:

Meredith Russell said...

Piping...titch difficult if you make from scratch...easier if it's premade.

to sew it on: Just pin it in between the top and bottom (right sides together), w/ the cording on the inside and the piping-lead-edge aligned w/ the outside edge of your fabric. A sweet trick for beginners - just go ahead and sew the piping to the RIGHT side of one layer w/ the edges aligned (edge of fabric, edge of piping-lead). then put your other fabric piece on top (right sides together) and sew around 1/4 to 1/2 an inch in - you want to sew right up next to the cording "hump". Sometimes you have to use a zipper foot if the piping is big. you want to sew right up next to the edge of the "hump" of piping, so when you turn inside right, there's no piping-lead showing.

if you want to make piping, the right way is to cut diagonal (bias cut) and wrap around piping, sewing right up next to the cording, but it takes less fabric and is faster/easier to just cut straight strips and wrap around cording. remember to sew the strips together first, then sew it around cording, so your cording wrap is continuous and long enough for your whole project edge.

hoping this makes sense. just email me if you have any questions!!
CANNOT believe Buster ate the zippers!! would he eat ties? that way you can still wash...or maybe buttons...OMG!!! He is adorable.

These pillows look great! I'm so glad you're sewing!!

Go to Girls said...

I am totally going to make these pillows. I am dying for you to try a duvet! www.gotogirls3.com

InteriorGroupie said...

Great sewing project! I just received a sewing machine too but already enlisted my mom to make me ikat pillows (seriously, am I twelve??) :) Time for me to break out the machine and try it out already! Great job on the pillows, glad they won't succumb to the dog's attack on a zipper.

Emily Nix said...

Your instructions just helped me out with my pillows :) Thanks!ca