Friday, March 18, 2011

Kitchen Islands

My parents are planning to renovate their kitchen that has not been touched since 1981. I was with them last weekend and provided my input [whether they liked it or not].

One element they are looking to change is the kitchen island. Right now it's a square and there is seating on both sides. They want to make it more narrow and change the seating arrangement.

I'm going to point out the details I like and dedicate this blog to my parents. Everyone needs a visual!

Below: I like the detail under the sink.

Lighting layout: all pendants are not directly over the island. Interesting.

The cabinet doors under the island are similar to what you have for your spices and pans- if you still need the storage space.

The glass fronts keep a dark kitchen feeling light.

*Notice the backsplash and microwave placement in the photo below*

This is more traditional than your liking, but you'll have a similar layout

I am obsessed with this kitchen and those hicks pendants- glass front cabinets flanking the hood keeps the kitchen feeling open and light.

Note the backsplash and countertop.

Since I cannot sit in the same room with you as you plan, I hope this helps.


Whimsy World said...

Oh, I can't wait to see their finished product! I hope they go with light cabinetry. It will brighten it up so much! Plus,i bet the dishwasher is hidden to look like a cabinet in that pic. I would love that. Just keeps it cleaner looking!

elly e said...

Hint, hint. The dishwasher is to the right of the sink but it just appears like a cabinet. See how there is only one handle at the top instead of two. I know I am a nerd. love the blog, love the kitch, love you.

lisa said...

whoa! i bet you are chomping at the bit to help your mom and dad renovate! that is your bread and butta! i'm sure whatever they do will be lovely, but i can't wait to see what they choose, and if it will be what you recommend! lucky you-how fun!

Katy said...

These are all beautiful kitchens. Nothing like a newly renovated room! My parents are in desperate need of a reno as well.. Perhaps these images could inspire them as well! Have a lovely weekend.

[ Keep Calm & Blog On ]

Corilu Designs said...

Too bad we can't rotate our kitchen. Let's see the Country kitchen this week, the modern one next week and the retro one the following! Wouldn't that be great. They are all stunning kitchens, how could you choose. I think if I were to redo my kitchen I would have a hard time deciding. Good luck! I'm adding your blog to my favorites!

Mrs Branham said...

Hi Ash! I'm coming out- I read your blog sometimes! I love your home, and it makes me want to redo stuff in my house over and over again... anywho, I'm coming out because I remember your parents kitchen island vividly from the night that I fell sitting at it. You know, the N'sync night... Love to you and Tony! -Erin

Smitten Design said...

Mrs. Branham-
This deserves an unedited, laughing my ass off! The image of you smacking your abs into my parents island is burned into my memory. Thank you for making me giggle.
Love you

Lisa Grenn said...

You have great taste!