Friday, April 8, 2011

Random + Tobacco Baskets

Hello, Friday. I welcome you with open arms. I'm in an inspiration funk. I'm so bored with blogs and pinterest and all media that is on a computer screen. The most inspiring thing I've seen recently is old episodes of Modern Family or Curb your Enthusiasm.

Enough whining. I want to share: I have an elephant in my fireplace and I love his unexpected home.

Second, girl scout samoas ice cream. I was not able to catch the actual cookies this year, and the ice cream is a delicious indulgence.

Now, what are your feelings on tobacco baskets? I bought one for a friend that needed help with their bare walls. Their budget was pretty much spent and I found a steal-of-a-deal. They didn't know what to make of it. The husband thought it needed to go out with the trash! I said it needed to hang above the mantel.

via Shopping Candy


Anonymous said...

I love tobacco baskets. I see them a lot here in Virginia and like the texture and history they add to decor.

paula said...

love a good tobacco basket. always looks great!

Anonymous said...

How do you suggest hanging them? I just got one and am not sure how to hang it on the wall...