Friday, May 27, 2011

Come and knock on our door...

The doors and hardware in Italy are remarkable. I was always lagging a few steps behind Tony as I would snap pictures of them. I would have loved to bring home any ole door as a souvenir, but instead I bought ideas {+ wine, a wallet, a skirt and fabric.}

The first two days felt like sensory overload, and then I realized every street has beautiful doors on display, and my photos slowly diminished. Please enjoy the longest post in Smitten history.

Allow me to zoom in on the hardware from the Pantheon

Must zoom in on these locks

Do you have a favorite?


emily/thesearethedays said...

So amazing! I love the quatrefoil iron, yellow 127 and the one directly beneath it. And I LOVE the hand.

sécia said...

Amazing! Love that wood plank one.

♥ sécia

Emily said...

Great pictures! I love all of them- so hard to pick a favorite. I am loving the one with the nail heads all over especially.
I can't wait to see more Italy pictures, I am green with envy about your trip!

Heidi said...

love love them all ~ I did a door and window post when I returned from Spain last summer as well ~ so much character. ok I have to admit the "three's company" theme song just entered my head thanks to your funny title...