Friday, June 10, 2011

J.K. Place

While we were in Florence, I insisted we visit the J.K. Place. Erika covered it last year and Lonny featured it as well. I needed to see the goodness for myself. We went in the morning and ordered espressos and acted like we were guests of the hotel. I think it worked because when we asked for the check the server said, "No, I offered you a beverage". We did what anyone with high integrity does, we left quickly before anyone could catch on.

I am inspired to frame architectural images and use lanterns in my home. I love the wing back slipcovered chairs. The hotel was designed by Michele Bonan. I dug through Michele's portfolio to see what else he has designed, and I think his work is the definition of transitional design. His spaces are traditional in nature, but he adds a simplistic crispness through his accessories. The result is, I want all of this in my home.

Michele does very unassuming entries. You aren't sure if you are walking into a private residence or a hotel, as seen below.


Melanie said...

I am BEYOND jealous. My husband and I are dying to visit the J.K. lucky you!!!!

Smitten Design said...

I hope you and your husband get to make the trip. It's so incredible in person.

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Oh my! This is beyond gorgeous. I would love to visit.