Monday, July 25, 2011

Celebrations and Road Trips.

I'm afraid my blog posts on Smitten Design may be misleading. As I look back, it seems the majority of my posts have been vacation and party pictures. I do work, but I don't think anyone wants to hear about excel spreadsheets or gift proposals.
A few weeks ago, we took a little road trip to celebrate our 4 yr anniversary, our friends 50th birthday and a visit to see my grandmother, Nanu.

We started at St. Simons Island in Georgia. This is low country at it's finest. It feels very much like South Carolina.

We stayed at the Village Inn and Suites. This hotel has been featured in Southern Living and Coastal Living a few times. It was completely charming and I highly recommend it.

We then went to Waynesboro, GA to celebrate our friend Merv's 50th birthday.

We then headed to the mountains in Highlands, NC. Tony tells me I am too young to turn into a snow bird, but every summer I try to convince him we need to take different jobs where we can live in Chicago or NC for 4 months instead of Florida. Nanu, has a place in a picturesque golf community. As a kid, I spent many summers with my grandparents here. I love returning and wish we could have stayed longer.

We did some hiking as well.

We ate at a new rooftop terrace at Old Edwards Inn:

We had a blast and I was so thankful for the brief trip to celebrate.
Have you taken a vacation this summer?


Michele said...

We just came back on Saturday from North Myrtle Beach - and from the looks of your breathtaking photos it is obvious we didn't drive far enough South! Totally swooning over every single one of them. xoxo michele

sécia said...

Great cake!

♥ sécia

Sara said...

Can't believe you were on St. Simons Island and we didn't know it! Your hotel is literally 1 minute from our house....we live on the side of the park in the pictures! It would have been fun to see you! Maybe next time....