Monday, August 1, 2011

Zara Home.

When we were in Italy earlier this summer, we stumbled upon Zara Home in Rome. I am hoping like so many great European stores, this one makes its way over to the states in the near future. Although not on their site, they had these adorable, individual glass cupcakes stands with cloches (like these) that were around $8 a piece. They were entirely impractical to buy, but I still think of them.
These are reusable linen napkins, up to five washes.

What stores do you long to see in your city? I would like to add a big fat Trader Joe's to Tallahassee.


Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} said...

Gorg picks!! I am super excited to finally get a JCrew up here! I would love a Target & a closer Crate & Barrel.

sécia said...

Those napkins are genius! I'm lucky enough to live in Los Angeles where we have most any store one can think of. This store however, would be amazing.

♥ sécia

Amanda Hill said...

AHHHH I was just there and missed it! This is the worst thing I have heard all day, now I have to go back! I guess thats not so bad :)