Monday, November 21, 2011

Items. For. Sale.

Just some teasers for you. Remember to save the date for the Smitten Sale [it's in my garage, but please don't confuse this with a garage sale]. Dec 1st, 4:30pm- till it sells out.

One of my favorite items for sale is a cowhide rug. I know if you've opened a design magazine in the past two years, you've seen the cowhides everywhere. They aren't for hunters + rednecks anymore. You would almost think if you didn't have one of these rugs in your house you would be as offensive as a girl who does not tuck her jeans into her boots. That was uncalled for. I don't have one in my house but if it doesn't sell, I have a little boy's room that needs one.

This colorway below is similar to what I am selling, except mine in branded and it's uniquely awesome. I think RL would be proud of your purchase.


jennifer little said...

...and how much? i love!

jennifer smith said...

ooh i want it!!!! more teasers please :)
can i shop from afar?

Anonymous said...

you have a little boys room that needs one? Was that your way of throwing in there that you found out the sex of your baby? :)