Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grand Harbour Island.

Three weeks ago I attended a bachelorette party in the Bahamas, specifically Grand Harbor Island. My pictures will be inadequate because they cannot capture how much FUN we had.
It started with a private plane ride over to the island:

For the design oriented folks that read my blog, I'll start with pictures from a hotel worth making another trip for, The Landing. We ate dinner here one night. One of the hotel owners was also our host for the weekend. We stayed at his private home and I have never met a more hospitable person in my life. He gave us a tour of the hotel room and then took us to see the area of the hotel that was designed by THE Ralph Lauren and India Hicks.

Most rooms were painted white and given a very simple, clean palette so you could enjoy the views.

Now for some beauty from the island:

There were a lot of activities involving golf carts, games, dancing, fireworks and laughter. At times I left like I was on an episode of the Bachelor.

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Yolie. said...

your baby bump is oh so adorable! Glad you go to enjoy the weekend!