Monday, January 23, 2012


We had a productive weekend. I have had this daunting list roaming around my head for the last couple of months

We finally started crossing off items this weekend, like the paneling (It's 60% percent done. Turns out our brick walls are next to impossible to drill through.)

I sewed 8 curtains panels. I am glad I didn't wait another day to tackle this project. It was so intense to bend over and squat up and down to cut the fabric. (They are 85% done, just need to pleat and hang them).

I'll be back with updates on his nursery in a couple of weeks. I hope you had a great, productive weekend as well.


Pink Wallpaper said...

it's going to look SO good! can't wait to see it ashley!

Yolie. said...

I cannot wait to see the finished room! xo