Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby products and recommended sites

It seems like every week I am finding out a friend is pregnant. It's a wonderful thing. I do not want to reinvent that wheel on product recommendations, because a lot of other bloggers are really great at it, but I do want to share what was helpful to me in registering.

First: Lucie's List is a great site for registering. She also has a great sense of humor, which makes for a delightful read. 

Second: my friend Emily writes a blog entitled: These are the Days. She is a new mom and a very talented writer. She has the ability to capture emotions and relay them in beautiful words. She also has great product recommendations. Her boy is 6 weeks older than Reid. I always look to her blog to see what milestones are coming for Reid.

Third: let's talk about lighting. When we brought Reid home, he slept in the arms reach co-sleeper bassinet right next to my side of the bed. This was a convenient device that made life a little easier in those first zombie-like days of newborn-hood. I didn't have to get out of bed when he woke up, just rolled him over to feed and change him and hoped we all went back to sleep. What I didn't realize was how convenient our nightstand lamps, on a dimmer, were. I left my lamp on with the most subtle glow on throughout the night. These architect lamps from Pottery Barn are the closest to our lamps (except ours lack the smart technology and were a fraction of the price). I do not think you need to have these, I just realized how convenient it was to have them, so if you are shopping for lamps, consider the dimmer when you make your purchase. 

Another great alternative for a glow because you do not want to flip that light switch and fully wake your baby up is this OXO candela guardian night light. It charges during the day and the lantern provides a glow of light at night so you can locate your baby in the crib, or change him during the night without turning on overhead lighting. 

Forth: The Baby K'tan. Reid hated the baby bjorn when he was a newborn. I considered this carrier to be a game changer. My boy likes to be held non-stop. It's sweet and I treasure the cuddling, but it is not the practical to hold a baby all day. I was entirely unproductive for the first 5 weeks of his life, until I ordered this. I think it's simpler to use than the Moby (although people love those when they get the hang of them). My scattered and tired mind needed a simple product and this worked for us. I could sweep, walk Buster and get things done around the house with this carrier. 
Now Reid likes the bjorn, so we use that. 
(how lame is this photo?)

Fifth: I use the word convenience in here a lot because that is all these products offer, a little convenience to mom. They are totally unnecessary and will be outgrown in a heartbeat. I think babies and moms need very little equipment and props, but if you can afford them, some are worth mentioning.


Joy williams said...

Ash I love your blog!! Nolan lived in the baby Katan I dont think I would have made it through maternity leave without it!! Its amazing the different things mommies find to make it through the first months of mommy-hood. I do enjoy your blog!!

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