Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trimming Details

Let's see, according to my post on May 24th, I told you we ordered a new front door. In mid December it finally came in. No joke, I will not be recommending the company to you.
Now I find myself in great debate about painting the new trim the color of the door, or leaving it white.

The collage below is a good mix of painted trim vs. white trim.

Before the trim was installed I was certain I would paint it the door color, but now I am leaning towards leaving it white.
What do you think: paint it white or paint it to match the door?
(Ignore the dishes from my al fresco dining. Also, new roof, new light and eventually an address plaque coming soon.)


Anonymous said...

White trim for sure. Coordinates with the window trim and makes the door color stand out. Love the door color btw.

Randi M said...

I love the white! What a cute little helper you've got there :)

Teri Andrea said...

ash, stay with the white. less work & looks wonderful already.

Katherine said...

I would stick with the white. Looks great!

Muhammad Amjad said...

Yes it match but repair it,and very to open.Hotel Design

JuliAnne Kelly said...

I say go white trim with a blue door, but if you choose to do a neutral I love the painted trip. :)
Our door is Martha Stewart's "milk pale" and I love it!