Thursday, March 14, 2013

A little accessorizing.

I really should visit this blog more often. Let me give you a few updates, I quit my fundraising job in January in order to stay home with Reid. Also, I have been taking on clients with design projects and have found myself incredibly busy.  I have never worked harder for consecutive days on end, but I am blessed and grateful to be doing both that I am pretty sure I've developed more wrinkle lines from sporting a smile so often.
I wanted to share a quick accessorizing job that is mostly finished. I was hired to "fluff" two rooms. I did a really poor job of cleaning up for the "after" photos, so don't judge too critically.
 Here's the before of room #1:


The second room stumped me at first because there are lots of toys and that really is the function of the room, but it's also the first room you enter into the house and we wanted to minimize them. So my solution included adding curtains to serve as a partion from the ceiling.
After: (The curtains close entirely and can divide the space)
Entry Before:

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Randi M said...

Looks great! I loved being able to see some of your work yesterday - so talented!