Friday, April 19, 2013

First birthday!

We recently celebrated Reid's first birthday. I cannot believe that I already have a toddler! It's true what they say, times flies when you're having fun.

I wanted to keep things low key because the first birthday is more for the parents than the kids. We had a front yard BBQ with family, good food, drinks, bocce ball and cornhole. I bought his red gingham outfit before he was born. I have been looking forward to this 12 month mark so he could sport this outfit, and that basically dictated the party theme.
I baked a cake from scratch (which never happens in this house), but he hardly touched it. He hysterically cried and just wanted to be held while everyone sang happy birthday.


His tears stopped when we gave him a rib. It entertained him for over an hour. Another example that this child is his father's son.
It has been such a treasured year for our household. I have a fierce love for him and being his mom is the best job I have been entrusted with.  Thank you friends and family for being smitten with him.

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Randi M said...

Love these photos! Such a handsome little guy! What a special year this has been and I'm so glad we could help you celebrate!