Friday, December 13, 2013

Pet Portrait Sources.

If I was thinking ahead, I would have published this in November under "gift ideas". But since it's late in the game, I'll just share some sources I've used for pet portraits. First, my husband had this picture of our dog commissioned as a push present. We used a local artist, Karen Stewart, from Tallahassee. I love having this in Reid's room.  When I go to pick up Reid out of his crib, he always points to this painting and sometimes he barks.

For this portrait below, I found the shop Tivoli Gardens on etsy. One of my friends lost her dog this year and we had this commissioned for her as a birthday gift.

Lastly, I won a giveaway two years ago from c'est si bon for a PVE Design giveaway. I have always admired Patricia's work and was so excited to win this. (It still needs a frame, shame on me). 
If you are thinking of gifting a pet portrait, I highly recommend the above mentioned artists. Do you have an artist you love? Please share.

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pve design said...

Thank-you so much for sharing your pet portraits and the one I created for you.
Wishing you a wonderful day and holiday season.