Monday, December 1, 2008

"It doesn't matter how pathetic you are... you still want to know where you finished"

We have so much to be thankful for and I loved having the time off from work to spend time with family. 13 Corteses/Wingates for 2 days. There are some grown up lessons I've learned from entertaining guests:
1.) Frozen Lasagna takes 2-2.5 hours to make and serve, plan accordingly. (We had to wait awhile for these on Wednesday night)
2.) My kitchen is not stocked to entertain 13 people. Thankfully Amy lives over the fence and we can borrow each others pots, pans, cups, butter, etc... but I am just not a grown up with funnels and basters lying around. I'm going to hate the day when we don't live next door to one another.
3.) Have hand towels in your guest bath. That's obvious, but I hardly use that bathroom and was unprepared.

Our turkey trot did make it in the Tallahassee Democrat with some classic quotes.

For all the brainstorming that went into this meal, I really didn't document it so well, but here are a few favorites from the time together.
My Nanu brought up some china for us to keep, thanks Nanu! Around the table from left to right: sister in law, Kristen; my grandma, Nanu; Tony's grandparents, Arline and Norm; my dad and my mom
from left to right: me; husband, Tony; brother in law, Tucker; sister in law, Kristen; father in law or as Nanu likes to call him, "The Preacher'', Ray; mother in law, Diane; Sister in law and wonderful neighbor/cook, Amy; and her hubby, Bibb

And of course the pups, Buster and Copper, who threw up because they were fed so many scraps from the table.

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