Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mindless Work Activities

I'm very thankful for my job today (Event Coordinator for the Florida State University Foundation). You see, I had my wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago and today is the first day I have been off the couch. I feel horrible still and have been alternating between and icepack and a heating pad wrapped around my face. When I came into work, I was asked to gather ideas for a party that will take place in February. That's all the excuse I need to mindlessly browse at others blogs for needed inspiration. The following pictures are from The Hostess with the Mostess. Since I am not getting married again and cannot use feather centerpieces at my reception, maybe I'll add them to this party and vicariously be satisfied.

Our event is to highlight the renovation of the Ruby Diamond Auditorium and I'm not afraid to act on that pun and place one of these at every table setting. I think it's a beautiful take away gift.

Wouldn't you want one?

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