Thursday, January 22, 2009


I just returned from the big apple. We frolicked around that city for 3 days straight. Once I landed, the girls (Elly, Nana and AFB) started the Sunday with brunch, followed by sledding in Central Park, top that afternoon off with amazing hot chocolate and then thrift shopping at Housing Works ...I'm not done- and then we webt to church at Redeemer Presbyterian and a vat of mac and cheese was waiting for us at home with their NYC "family". (I'm spoiled with great friends)

I will not further your jealousy by providing minute to minute updates of my trip, but here are the pics:

My work, FSU Foundation, sent me to the New York Athletic Club to assist in an event for the Seminole Club of NYC. Here is the view of the frozen Central Park from the Solarium: While I had time to explore the city, I visited my friend Elly at the D&D building. Elly works for Carlton V(Insert website here...coming as soon as it launches). If you have time, stop by the 15th floor and hug her for me. And here is the hotel I stayed at on the upper west side. I recommend this if you are in the area, or better yet make it a point to stay on the upper west side. There is something cozier about that area of town that I am drawn to. Here's a perk- they leave you black and white cookies on your pillow, very NY.

This rooftop view would be much better in the Spring.

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