Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Another historic city I would not mind if we picked up and relocated to...Savannah.

My wonderfully, creative and stylish friend Heather moved to this city and recently started working in this trendy shop called 24e on 24 East Broughton Street. I am always so delighted and thankful when I hear of my friends is sincerely enjoying their job and thus far, Heather is loving it.

Below are a couple of shots I took while walking through the store and I do suggest stopping through this little gem if you are around the area and asking for the pretty blonde to help you.

On a design note- (listen up The Villages, Sandestin/Seaside and other well-planned new communities that strive for old charm) if you are trying to recreate the ambiance of an established space, I would suggest hiring a painter to give you a faded wash/graffiti on your exterior walls. Copy the charm of Savannah, they have this nailed down.

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