Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend Project: Downstairs Bathroom

This past weekend was quite productive and spontaneous (which is such a wonderful pairing). It all started with a text from Jovanna on Friday afternoon that said:
"I still haven't run my 5k"
Me: "let's do it"
Jo: "I love you thanks"
So she signed us up for the ZTA breast cancer 5k around FSU. So fun and unexpected and we did it! great job Jo, next up, 1/2 marathon (that will be another post)

Run- check, now what? Enter our broken toilet. Since we've owned this house, the downstairs toilet has been nothing but a bother. It runs when it wants to and throughout the night and it stops at the most inconvenient times for our guests. (think Dumb and Dumber) Our handy brother-in-law, Bibb, talked the husband into demolishing the whole bathroom instead of simply replacing the toilet and then having to reinstall it when we decided to put up the beadboard, install the new tilt mirror, rewire the lighting to give us sconces, sand down the doors and repaint. So that's exactly what we did.

The before:

terrible mirror and light fixture:

the progress:

and the glorious reveal that makes me want to use this bathroom:

**I should be patient and post pictures when it is finally complete with guest towels and a soap dispenser and little nick knacks, but I get too excited and have to share. We still have to replace the plumbing in the tub and re-glaze or completely re-tile the shower but for now the shower curtain conceals that!


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Jovanna said...

that looks soooo good!! I can't wait to see it in real life! And thanks for running with me :) sorry I slowed you down by 5 minutes!

Blueprint Bliss said...

Looks great! Home projects are fun (esp once they are completed!)...