Friday, February 27, 2009

Z Gallerie Wish List

I will not even rant on the current economy. Listening to 100.7 FM is enough to get my blood pressure spiked for hours. The lack of stability is heart breaking for many people and current situations make me more thankful than ever that I get to work.
On that note of gloom, another store that is taking the hit this week is a personal favorite home store, Z Gallerie. They are closing 25 of their 77 stores and as a result (could be a rumor) they are discounting the items in their closing stores 50%.
Here is my wish list: (*their website does not to justice to how breath taking their actual store is. The furniture is solid and comfortable)
If I were Ashley-money-bags, I would want one of these dining tables:
The Manchester

or the Tavern:

with 6 brooke chairs:

and 2 and Maxwell chairs:

and a glamorous tuxedo chanelier:

and one sick borghese buffet:

now, onto mirrors. big-oversized/antiqued mirrors:

with a king sized Ava bed (because I am obsessed with nailheads and one day I want a King sized bed)


lisa michelle loney said...

i will only make one comment about the white/light colored fabric for furniture. think of your future and whether or not it will include kids. if yes, then pick dark fabrics, leather, or wood. trust me.

love ewe.

smitten design said...

Unfortunately, I did not win the lottery so I will not be getting any of these items.
I do not think those white chairs would survive Tony and Buster, yet alone kiddos one day.
Love you Mrs. Loney.

Jamie said...

Has there been any disclosure on the stores that are closing?