Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's all in the Details

A coworker and friend of mine, Jen, has been debating the last few months on how to decorate her son's room. Jen is an interior designer, and understands the anguish one goes through when embellishing your own home as opposed to giving advice for others home. The inspiration changes from day to day, picture to picture, idea to idea, pattern to pattern and material to material. There are just so many styles to enjoy and designers take delight in the details.
It seems every couple of days Jen fans out her paint deck to show me a new color and paint pattern for Luke's room. (It went from Sock monkey's to Greek key wall paint. From chalkboard paint to striped paint- all of which have been great ideas.)

It has been fun for me to browse through various pictures and instantly attach and email any image that has a hint of nursery to Jen throughout the day. In this process, I stumbled across Phillip Jefferies Ltd Natural Textured Wallcovering. What eye candy this company distributes! Below are a couple of my favorite designs that look playful enough for a toddler and beautiful for a stylish momma.

Now for lighting. This is a charming way to add some funky personality to crystal chandeliers:

And behold, I give you a company that specializes in making the sleeves: Kaarskoker
A grown up library can enjoy just a hint of whimsical feathers as well:
Jen thought of a way to DIY is project. Find patterned paper, put adhesive on the back side and then roll the paper around the sleeve of the light fixture. Do you think that would work? Maybe add some Mod Podge to seal it.
I do not have an extra crystal chandelier or sconces lying around to try this project out, but that's why I post it here on the blog-so I can come back to these wonderful ideas for my own home.
**Click here to enjoy Luke's nursery and notice the handcrafted mobile. She's a genius.


Jennifer, Ryan & Luke Little said...

I love it!

tara said...

And I JUST emailed you a link to a fixture with that type of lighting. Weird. I'm doing it. On "Design on a Dime," they laminate the homemade light covers and use enviro lights (less heat). Laminating might help keep them looking fresh, and it will also be easier to dust. But too shiny?