Monday, March 9, 2009


I have to clear my desktop. My love to consolidate and clear up my desktop has been gnawing at me so here is a cluster of pictures that do not pertain to one theme.

I am looking for a front door similar to this one, it would match our house quite well.
The care of these window boxes are impressive. Are they hardy plants? Can I do that? I'm overwhelmed looking at them.
We have no need for an outdoor shower. We are entirely too close to our neighbors, which happen to be my sister and brother-in-law. TMI, no thank you. But if we had some seclusion or lots of property this would be a gem: (I want to talk the Miami Bachelor into adding a shower head near his pool- I'll update you if it happens)

White kitchens are perfection to me- tin ceilings,windowed transom, metal pendants, pot filler, grey slate herringbone backsplash. It's all so great. Via Velvet + Linen

You can age your mirrors with acid like Kerry Howard did from these old church windows. Genius!

Kerry's white kitchen. They aren't marble countertops, but the quartz is the next best alternative.
Nice latches Restoration Hardware

There's a lot here I like as well. Glossy walls, boxy wainscoting, symmetry and sea grass blinds

via My Notting Hill

Now I'm going to delete all of these beautiful pictures to the recycle bin. Whew!


Cote de Texas said...

i WISH I would do that - I never delete my images and my computer is so overloaded from them!!!!

Cote de Texas said...

you need to post again!!!!
I'm back!

thanks for the comment today - I'm so glad you stayed with it - I was worried it would be too confusing. The powder room is my favorite - it is drop dead gorgeous! POST!!!!! haha

Dana said...

I love the kitchen. I have tried enlarging the picture to get a better look at the backsplash. It distorts on me. Do you happen to know the color and style of the backsplash?