Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"On a Scale of 1 to 10, this was like a 50"

The EMHE reveal in Tallahassee happened last Friday. Unfortunately I was unable to leave work for "Move that Bus" but I did make it out on Saturday for the clean up.
We were restricted from going inside the home because they were still filming, although I did open the front door for a man with his hands full and took a peek into the foyer and living room. This episode will air on April 26th-go ahead- mark it in your planners or BB's or write it on your hand...I'm waiting.

*I'll remind you through the blog to check it out before it airs.

I was most impressed to learn that EMHE had to turn volunteers down. (I was only able to get it with the Maclay volleyball team and coach of the year, Jessica Cortese). Here are some other bragging points from Bob Gabordi's blog at the Tallahassee Democrat:
By this morning, thousands upon thousands of people will have clicked on our photos, videos and stories of the EMHE on Tallahassee.com. They have viewed about a million pages. That’s an extremely large amount of traffic.
Think about this: Nothing we have done, save coverage of Tropical Storm Fay, has generated as much reader-viewer interest as this.
From start to now, coverage of the Rachel Hoffman tragedy did not generate this much traffic.
Nor has coverage of the Cheryl Dunlap case.
Nope, not the election either.
This was bigger than any single FSU football game, though a win in a big game might easily top EMHE, if that ever happens.
Live-video coverage of the reveal of the new home last week drew more than 1,100 computers at its peak, meaning several times that number of people were tuned into a computer screen to watch at least a portion of the program. For perspective, it generated more than 45,000 minutes of viewing time, ranking it No. 2 on the entire worldwide Mogulus.com network.
and from Sunday's paper:
It's no surprise that generous Tallahasseeans continue to find ways to offer support for the Kadzis family, even after the cameras have been packed, cast members departed and neighborhood streets restored to quiet solitude.
But the people of Tallahassee also left an impression on the crew of the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." When asked how he rated our city, Executive Producer Brady Connell responded without hesitation, "on a scale of 1 to 10, this was like a 50."
I'm so proud of Tallahassee.

did I tell you I met this guy? (*Correction, I did not meet- he walked right past me and i didn't think it was a good time to ask him if I could work with him- so I smiled. How lame of me!?!)

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Eric said...

Have to agree with you on the last comment at the bottom "so i just smiled"...yes maybe a little lame

though agreed, the update is better than the prior status...

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