Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm taking a break from blogging the details of this renovation. I fell asleep thinking of cabinet measurements which led me to dream of them. I do not think I ever really slept- pictures just flashed through my head all night of possible layout scenarios. I like this renovation process for the outcome but the details are endless and A not only effects B and C, but F & G- ya know what I mean?

I digress. Here is what I am looking forward to 100cameras. Tallahassee.

Go ahead, mark your calendar for May 11th. 6pm-9pm at the Mint Lounge. (Good job Jovi!)

When I heard Nana, the founder of 100cameras- this girl, was going to be driving through Tallahassee, I thought...let's throw her a great party. Gather all the folks that love her and miss her and let's just celebrate her. Then I thought, let's not deprive the people from hearing about the exciting mission that she has successfully created through 100cameras. africa. Let's raise awareness and get people involved. The ball has been rolling through New York and now we will get it rolling in Tallahassee.
What is 100cameras? Glad you asked.

The mission of 100cameras is to place cameras into the hands of people living in adverse conditions, and utilize photography as an outlet for individuals who have been victims of social, economic and racial injustice. Our goal is to let the lens tell their story.

Last October 100cameras went to Africa to join efforts with St. Bartholomew’s orphanage in Kajo Keji, Sudan. The children were given cameras and asked them to document their everyday. They did. For one week, they used cameras to tell the details of their story- their hands and teeth and bicycles and feet. At the end of the week, cameras were collected and images were saved.
Now 100cameras has teamed up with Mint Lounge of Tallahassee. On May 11, 2009, the results from 100cameras.africa will be displayed. The event will be a night to honor the children and tell their stories. Their pictures will be exhibited and photographs sold. 100percent of proceeds from purchased prints will be given back to St. Bartholomew’s orphanage. Come see life from their photographed perspective.
100cameras will continue to serve communities by giving children the resources to share glimpses of their lives through pictures. From Africa to New York City to Tallahassee, these cameras will give children in various at-risk communities the opportunity to express the realities of their everyday through images. By utilizing the camera as a powerful tool for communication, it will allow the children’s stories to be carried across borders and across cities. 100cameras is committed to bringing their stories to you, through online print sales and exhibitions circling all proceeds back to these communities.

Here she is: dreamer and creator of 100cameras

So go ahead and plan on coming- bring a date, a coworker, meet up with some friends or make some new friends. We're excited to see you there.


Anonymous said...

I will be there, and am so excited. Thank you for featuring 100 cameras on your blog. It is a wonderful cause to support and I know the event will be one of a kind:) Can't Wait!!!

angela francine bullock. said...
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angela francine bullock said...

god love both you and nannsie.

see you asap, ashy baby.
oh wow, i can't wait.
i have missed your heart.

afb said...

god love both you and nannsie.

see you asap, ashy baby.
oh wow, i can't wait.
i have missed your heart.