Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Breakfast Nook

We are about to embark on our kitchen renovation (i.e. gut it and rebuild it) and the details are endless. We have a screened in porch off the side of our home that leads directly to the kitchen. Everyone walks in through this door to enter our house. Only first timers expect to be welcomed at the front door. We are windowing this room in and making this the entrance to the house. This requires expanding the current brick to make the new sun room and the kitchen feel like one room.

I have been in debate about what to use this space for- either a built in desk to serve as a drop station. My thought was, if we sell this might appeal to a buyer as an office. Since we have already have an office set up in one of the rooms, 3 bedrooms, no kiddos in the near future and no plans of picking up and moving anytime soon, I'm going to go with my instinct and opt to add some charm in this space by making breakfast nook area.
Below is an example how the sunroom leading into the kitchen will look with a wider entry. ( I wish we could have an arch, but the mason says it's not possible for our budget.)

I am looking for a salvaged, light piece of furniture for a table. Hopefully a glass top with a rusty iron base.

Ignore that this is a living room and pay attention to the windows and window bench. I am excited about finding fabric for this space in our soon to be breakfast nook.

Images via Country Home and Pure Style Home


Pop Champagne said...

wow beautiful kitchen!

paula said...

love your direction. Can't wait to see.

Heather said...

ash- if you're into these chrome chairs, i know where you can get them!! P.S. after bring the wire barstool pricing issue to our vendor's attention- she told me i could have sold them to you for that price! so next time you find a good price match let me know!! :) (sorry if this is sounding like a shameless plug! )